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Emulation Control Software SKU# EMU100
Part of the Emulation Series

• Multi-Platform
• DMX512A + Art-net
• Industry-Standard Cuelists
• MIDI Control Surfaces
• 100% Touch Screen Compatible
• 2100+ Personality Files
• iPhone Riggers Remote
• Multi-language
• Clipboard & Undo
• Globals
• Forum

You can use Emulation on your preferred platform; it is available on Mac OS X and Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7, 8, 10.

DMX512A + Art-Net:
Emulation software is shipped with a USB to DMX interface. The interface sends out 512 channels through a ESD protected DMX512-A port. Once the hardware interface is plugged in your computer the DMX data is duplicated over Art-Net. This is also useful for connecting to 3rd party visualizers.

Industry-Standard Cuelist System:
The Cuelist system in Emulation, used for programming light sequences, is analog to the systems used on larger lighting consoles. It features separate Delay, Fade in & Fade out timing and comes with a shape generator and programmer window.

Emulation uses the concept of sub-fixtures. This means that some fixtures consist of multiple sub-fixtures, like a 10-channel dimmer rack is - in our terms - just one fixtures with 10 sub-fixtures. This also works for LED fixtures with multiple segments/pixels. In this manner the maximum of 48 will not be reached that quickly (you can add 48 x 10 = 480 dimmer channels). The reason behind the concept of sub-fixtures is that it makes patching easier; you only add the physical fixtures to your patch and you don’t have to worry about setting starting addresses per dimmer channel, or worse, per LED segment.

Minimal System Requirements:

Mac OS X:• Apple Mac OS X Leopard (10.5 or higher)
• Intel CPU 1 GHz or equivalent
• XGA 1024x768
• 512 MB RAM Memory
• 50MB Disk Space

Windows:• Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7, 8, 10
• 32 & 64 Bit Drivers
• XGA 1024x768
• 512 MB RAM Memory
• 30 MB Disk Space

Linux:• Ubuntu 8.04 or Higher
• XGA 1024x768
• 512 MB RAM Memory
• 30MB Disk Space

Other Specifications:
• Multi-core CPU optimized software engine that runs at 33Hz
• Maximum 48 Individual fixtures, plus 10 sub fixtures each
(e.g. 10 [3ch] RGB led fixtures can be regarded as 1 fixture)
• Unlimited Groups and Sub-masters
• 64 Playback Faders + 64 Playback Buttons
• USB Joystick Support


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