Antari Essence Fog Liquid Scents


The new Antari Essence fog liquid scents add a unique touch to plain fog fluids. Simply add a few drops of these high quality essence scents into the fog fluid tank, and your fog machine will produce scented fog right away. Fragrances are available in a standard 20 ml bottle and are available in five scents including Rose, Mint, Apple, Lemon, and Strawberry. 

 For best results, the ideal mix ratio of Antari Essence to fog liquid is 1:1000. For example: add 1ml essence to 1 liter fog liquid.
 SKU# P-1 Rose
 SKU# P-2 Mint
 SKU# P-4 Apple
 SKU# P-6 Lemon
 SKU# P-7 Strawberry


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