The Antari LCU-1S Liquid Control Unit is the ideal effect liquid delivery system for compatible Antari fog and snow machine installations with large volume liquid usage. The system features a separate, ground-based liquid supply that can be stored wherever most convenient for the operator. No more ladders or scissor lifts required to fill empty liquid containers as the liquid is automatically pumped directly from any size container to the Antari fog or snow machine. 

The LCU-1S unit can be controlled via an Antari wired remote(Z-8 or SC-2) or via DMX. The same DMX channel as the connected effect machine can be used for easy operation, or a unique DMX address can be assigned which provides greater control over the effect produced, as the unit will not pump liquid unless the assigned DMX channel is selected.
 The LCU-1S features include a compact metal housing for easy installation, 4 button LCD control display, separate interval, duration, timer, and output volume settings, 3pin DMX and 4pin remote control XLR in/out connections, 6mm liquid tubing in/out ports, and a standard C13 power cord inlet. Optional liquid tubing and connection adapters are available. (details listed below)
 The LCU-1S is compatible with the Antari effect machines listed below.
 Compact Metal Housing for Easy Installation
 DMX or Antari Wired Remote Control (Z-8, SC-2)
 Assignable DMX Address
 Interval, Duration, Timer, Output Volume Settings
 4 Button LCD Control Display
 3pin XLR DMX In/Out
 4pin XLR Antari Remote Control In/Out
 C13 Power Cord Inlet
 Power Switch
 Length: 7.9” (202mm)
 Width: 7.0” (179mm)
 Vertical Height: 3.8” (95.8mm)
 Weight: 7.3 lbs. (3.3 kg)
 AC 120V 60Hz
 Fuse: T1A 250V
 Z-1200 II (click for more info)
 S-100X (click for more info)
 S-200X (click for more info)
 SW-250 (click for more info)


User Manual


 FT-4 4mm Tubing - 50 ft (15m) Roll
 FT-6 6mm Tubing - 50 ft (15m) Roll
 FTA-66 6mm to 6mm Tubing Adaptor
 FTA-664 Dual 6mm to Single 4mm Tubing Adaptor

 Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice.