Elation Color Spot 150/R


The Sky’s No Longer The Limit!
Elation’s Color Spot 150/R DMX Moving Head Brings
Towering Effects To Smaller Venues, Shows

LOS ANGELES -- Clubs and theaters don’t have to put a “ceiling” on cutting-edge lighting excitement, thanks to the new Color Spot 150/R from Elation Professional. The Color Spot 150/R is a DMX single-arm moving head spot effect with rotating gobos and a 150-watt lamp that’s ideal for establishments with lower ceilings.

The newest and smallest member of Elation’s Color Spot family, the Color Spot 150/R offers the same sharp, brilliant gobo/color projection and 6000-hour long lamp life as its larger cousins. Yet, its 150-watt lamp gives it just the right amount of lighting intensity for smaller venues and lower-ceiling environments.

“Sometimes you work in a smaller-space environment where a 250-watt lamp can be too bright. But venues with lower ceiling height want the excitement of moving-head effects too, which is why we introduced this new 150-watt version of the Color Spot,” explained John Lopez, product manager at Elation Professional.

Although less blinding in lighting intensity, the Color Spot 150/R offers the same exciting visual effects as other Color Spot family members -- including rotating gobos. The effect comes with 7 gobos that rotate continuously in both directions at different speeds to put a cutting-edge “spin” on any light show.

Included are three metal gobos, three glass gobos and one dichroic gobo. The gobos feature an image diameter of 22.5 mm. All of the gobos are interchangeable with other Elation Color Spot or Vision family gobos (sold separately), allowing users to vary their show by injecting a wide array of patterns.

“With the interchangeable gobos, clubs have the ability to change their light show from evening to evening,” said Lopez. “This flexibility gives the Color Spot 150/R great added value to the user.”

The Color Spot 150/R also includes a color wheel with 11 dichroic color filters plus white, with variable rotation speed. Other features include a strobe effect with variable speed from 1-10 flashes per second, and a shutter/dimmer (0-100%).

Driven by five high-quality stepper motors with microprocessors, the Color Spot 150/R offers ultra-smooth movements and gobo transitions. Its beams and patterns will always appear in sharp focus, thanks to its high luminous-efficiency parabolic optical system. All lenses on the fixture are anti-reflection coated. There is a 19-degree wide-angle objective with manual focus. Pan movement range is 530 degrees, and tilt movement range is 280 degrees.

Compatible with any DMX-512 protocol controller, the Color Spot 150/R features 4 DMX channel pre-settings (8 or 16 bit protocols). A built-in microphone is also included for sound-activation.

Lightweight, compact and easy-to-mount, the Color Spot 150/R is great for either mobile or stationary use. The fixture features 1/4 turn removable fastening brackets for simple, quick mounting horizontally or vertically. It also can stand directly on the floor. Weighing just 27.5 lbs. and measuring 14.89”L x 11.5”W x 16.35”H, the Color Spot 150/R is extremely portable.

The Color Spot 150/R includes two axial fans, one in the projector head and one in the base. It comes with a ZB-CDM150, 150-watt, 6000-hour lamp. Suggested list price of the Color Spot 150/R is $2,199.95.

For more information, contact Elation Professional at 323-582-3322. Fax: 323-582-3108. Address: 4295 Charter Street, Los Angeles, CA 90058 USA. Website: www.elationlighting.com E-mail: info@elationlighting

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