Capture 2018 Solo to Symphony Upgrade


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• Number of DMX Universes - Unlimited

• Record, Playback and Render Still Snapshots in High Resolution 

• Import Models via SKP, 3DS & OBJ Files with Layers, Groups and Materials 

• Full AtlaBase Library with On-Demand Addition of Missing Items 

• Laser feeds from LaserAnimation and Pangolin - Unlimited

• Video Playbacks from Local File - Unlimited

• Paperwork - Create Plots, Reports & Print 

• Video Streams from CITP/MSEX or Green Hippo Media Servers - Unlimited

• Import Models via DXF & DWG Files with Layers and Groups 

• Record, play back and render movie snapshots to video files 

• Create Stand-Alone Presentation Executables with Snapshots 

• Motion Controlled Cameras & Scenery using DMX and Kinesys K2 

• DMX Controlled Water Jet Effects - Unlimited


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Mac OS X Users: Mac OS X 10.9 or later will be required.


Windows Users: 64-bit Windows 7 or later will be required.

(If you are running a Windows 32-bit installation your Windows license covers you for 64 bits as well, but a full reinstallation of Windows is required.)

NO Returns on Software Updates.

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