COMPU Show PC Software


Effective June 1, 2018, ADJ Products will be providing sales and product support for COMPU SHOW.
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Compu Show also comes standard with powerful 3D Visualization software, 3D Easy View, which allows you to easily create a -scenario of your imagination using Studio 3D object formatting. Basic Objects and truss structures are included to help in getting started right away, and lighting fixtures are instantly inputted as soon as you create a page in the Compu Show software.
Compu Cue Basic and Compu Cue interfaces allow for limited 3D visualization while Compu Show SD, Compu SDE and Compu Show SD+ interfaces allow for more advanced features. Advanced features include; 3D video with positioning, 2D set up views, report management printing (which allow you to print out wire frame CAD drawings which, include position and DMX channel charts).



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Windows XP / VISTA / 7 / 8 / 10, (32-bit or 64-bit Compatible)
Laptop or Desktop Computer with 2.0 USB Port
1280 x 800 Screen Resolution
1 GB of RAM for Storage
1 GHz (Single or Dual Processor System)
256 MB RAM Video Card for 3D Visualizer 
Touch Screen Ready
Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice.