Elation Professional Unleashes Creativity with New Proteus™ Series of IP-rated Moving Lights


Elation Professional is proud to present a next-tier product line of IP-rated moving lights built specifically to empower designer creativity, Proteus™.

Featuring a sophisticated yet pragmatic design, Elation has put years of focus into developing this high-performance intelligent lighting solution to help designers create the effects and power they need, regardless of weather, tech or brightness requirements.

Launching at Elation Booth 2515 at LDI 2016 in Las Vegas, Proteus™ are compact, robust and budget-friendly next-level intelligent lighting solutions designed to unleash creative vision and excel under any conditions. Now designers can benefit from Elation’s trusted and award-winning indoor expertise outside, with superior illumination allowing their vision to be unbound by the elements.

With Proteus, Elation has harnessed the power of the gods. To find out more about this exciting new professional lighting series, visit http://www.proteus-launch.com

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