WAPA-TV Studios in Puerto Rico Broadcast Pioneers with Elation LED


Since first going on air in 1954, independent television station WAPA-TV (Channel 4) in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has been a technology leader among broadcast stations in the island country. In 2016, WAPA-TV renovated its broadcast lighting in three of its studios, installing Elation TVL™ series LED lighting systems. Installation of the white light luminaires made WAPA-TV the first broadcast studio in Puerto Rico to transition to LED technology.

WAPA-TV replaced all of its conventional fixtures with LED in its largest studio (Cinema), as well as a separate broadcast studio plus a smaller studio. Puerto Rican production company Musique Xpress Lights worked with the station to supply all of the LED lighting fixtures to the network and worked with WAPA’s in-house LD Juan Carlos on the lighting placement and design.  

The new LED lighting was part of a complete renovation/upgrade for the network’s existing building that started in 2015. The installation of the TVL series fixtures was completed by WAPA-TV in June of 2016 and is used in all three studios for a wide range of programs and productions. In all three studios TVL 4000 II™ dynamic white light LED array panels are used as front fill and backlight. A total of 130 TVL 4000 luminaires are used, each fixture housing 800 warm white and 800 cool white LEDs with variable color temperature control from 3,200K - 6,500K for adaptable shade projections of white light.

Elation TVL 3000 II™ white light LED fixtures are used in the main Cinema studio and broadcast studio for narrow or longer throws. The TVL 3000 II fixtures blend 3W warm white and cool white LEDs for a uniform projection of flat white light and also fulfill a high CRI requirement for more accurate color reproduction. Compact and discreet to place, the fixtures have no fan and are very quiet. They also include a lens kit that gives the flexibility of projecting a narrow beam angle or wider flood. Also used in the install, in the smaller studio as front and back washes, are TVL 2000 II™ white light LED array panels, each with 450 warm white and 450 cool white LEDs for variable color temperature shades from 3,200K - 6,500K.

Main Studio

100 x TVL 4000 II™

20 x TVL 3000 II™

Broadcast Studio

20 x TVL 4000 II™

10 x TVL 2000 II™

10 x TVL 3000 II™

Smaller Studio

10 x TVL 4000 II™

6 x TVL 2000 II™

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