Latest HoW-optimized Elation lighting to showcase at WFX Expo Booth 1207


Elation Professional invites worship technology professionals to Booth 1207 at the upcoming WFX Expo in Dallas for a look at the company’s leading line of professional lighting and video products optimized for HoW environments. Held October 10-12 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, WFX presents an excellent opportunity to talk to a qualified Elation professional about bringing a ministry’s lighting and video system to the next level.

Elation will have on display the new Artiste DaVinci WH™, a full-featured, theatrical-grade LED moving head spot in Elation’s award-winning Artiste series that is wrapped in a beautiful white housing for discreet and decorative placement in HoW environments. Also on display will be the WW Profile HP™, a high-power, warm-white ellipsoidal spot fixture useful for a wide variety of white light illumination needs. Elation will also be showing the Fuze Par Z175™, a full-color LED PAR light with classic Fresnel lens look designed for use in all types of stage wash applications.

Join the Elation team at Booth 1207 for a closer look at these and other professional lighting, video and control solutions from Elation Professional.

Artiste DaVinci WH™:  The Artiste DaVinci WH™ is a full-featured, theatrical-grade LED moving head spot with a beautiful white housing that fits ideally in any HoW environment. Featuring a new 270W LED Cool White LED engine, it delivers a combination of power (12 lumens), color (CMY color mixing + 7 dichroic colors) and projection (6 rotating glass and 9 static-stamped metal interchangeable gobos) for use in a wide range of applications from worship space to service, music, play or broadcast. It also houses a wide 6° to 48° zoom, 3-facet and linear rotating prisms, and more.

WW Profile HP™:  The WW Profile HP™ is a high-power warm-white ellipsoidal spot fixture of top quality. Powered by a 250W warm-white LED engine, it projects a superior quality of light and is an excellent choice for the wide variety of white light illumination needs required in broadcast, worship or theatre from highlighting performers or scenery to illuminating speakers.

Fuze Par Z175™:  The Fuze Par Z175 is a full-color LED PAR light with single lens 175W RGBW COB LED engine that project a high-quality, flat field of light. Designed for use in all types of stage wash applications from theatre, TV studio and HoW environments to touring and special events, it emulates the classic lens look of a traditional Fresnel with a lens face that appears as one color instead of individual LED diodes.

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