Elation Dealer Spotlight: Elite Multimedia Productions


Elite Multimedia Productions has developed a reputation as a top quality production rental company in a relatively short period of time. The company is less than 10 years old and a peek at the faces behind the firm confirms a youthful look and spirit. But Elite exudes experience as well with a seasoned team of professionals that will bend over backwards to ensure a project’s success. Elite often turns to its stock of Elation gear to realize successful projects and fulfill riders across the U.S., including on tours for Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell, Gary Allan, Alan Jackson, and Seether, as well as for corporate events with many of the nations Fortune 500 companies. Elation’s relationship with Elite has grown with the company, so much in fact that Elation now stands as one of Elite Multimedia’s top vendors.


Meet Elite Multimedia and Director of Operations Jason Jenkins 

Although Elite Multimedia calls Nashville home, the event production company’s reach extends well beyond Tennessee and the region. Elite services concert touring, live productions and corporate events from coast to coast using the latest in lighting, audio and video technology. Privately owned, the company was founded by Jeremy Byrd in 2003 as an AV install and integration company. A few years later, Byrd found a need to support clients with rental gear to supplement installs on larger events. Partner and industry veteran Tom Wilson came on board and Elite developed a strong production rental division for live event and touring production, first in Christian music and then country music.

The company has experienced tremendous growth in its short history and today is one of the fastest growing touring and live event providers in the industry. We spoke with Director of Operations Jason Jenkins about the company, the market, and their rapport with Elation.


Nashville is a hotbed of live music. I imagine that’s been to Elite’s benefit. Is that your biggest market?

We historically have done most of our work in touring, but recently have shifted focus to support the corporate event market. Touring has been our bread and butter and is near and dear to our hearts. Elite has had a relationship with country music star Luke Bryan since his early days in Nashville and as he grew in popularity that gave us the opportunity to grow as well. We continue to service his tours. Both the touring support and live event production divisions of Elite have grown quite rapidly and more recently we have expanded our work in corporate events.

You market Elite as a complete turnkey provider. What does that entail?

Our advantage is logistics. We’re a one-stop shop for lighting, LED, video, audio – it’s all in house and it all comes from one vendor – but we can also do rigging, trucking, scenic, whatever a client needs. It makes it easier for a client to deal with one company, one point of contact, and is especially convenient for the smaller clients who don’t want multiple vendors.


What do you feel differentiates Elite from other rental companies?

Our customer support. We understand that this industry is about much more than just gear.

How would you describe Elite’s approach? 

We are a client service company really, and have a relationship-based approach of helping clients. We serve the client’s needs by helping them define the vision behind a project. We are a team with a lot of industry experience and have creatives who can help mold the client’s vision. Every client is unique. We listen and then interpret using the latest in show technology to bring that vision to life.


What has been your relationship with Elation? 

When did the relationship begin?

I have personally worked with Elation products for years. I think I first ran across Elation products in 2003 and as I progressed in the industry and got more hands on with Elation fixtures, I became more and more impressed by the quality. At Elite, we’ve been using Elation gear since the start of the company. Elation has made some great strides over the years and now they are one of our top five vendors.

There is a lot of choice out there when it comes to product. Why do you choose to go with Elation?

The products are great but absolutely it is because of the customer service. We can call the guys at Elation and they always answer and respond. Not all companies will do that. I like the fact that I can call John Dunn or Gary Fallon or even Eric Loader personally instead of calling a service number. Elation is a company we can work with. They listen to us. We give them product feedback and have even worked with them on new fixture ideas.

How do you see the market right now? What do you anticipate in the next year or so?

The market is very healthy at the moment. It’s different than it was a couple of years ago. There is tons of work across the board and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

What are your biggest challenges in today’s market?

Having the right team makes all the difference. We invest in quality staff, good reliable people. That’s one of our biggest advantages. But it’s also one of our biggest challenges - finding good, quality people. It’s not that they’re not out there; it’s just that they are working.

Has U.S. trade policy, and here I’m thinking about tariffs and the potential for more tariffs, had any affect on Elite?

It’s hard to see how that will play out. We definitely have some vendors who could be affected but so far we’ve only heard warnings of potential price increases. Our purchase cycle is later in the year and early next year so we’ll have to see what the situation is then.

When you consider a project from start to finish, what do you see as the most important step along the way in ensuring that project’s success?

The most important step is interpreting the client’s vision. In some cases, the clients have experience designing and implementing designs, but in a lot of cases, they may have never had to communicate a vision. Our job is to interpret and guide the client thru the real world implementation of that vision. Sometimes this is an easy process, but a lot of times it can be very challenging. We pride ourselves on helping the client realize their end goal, no matter what the challenge may be.

What is Elite’s growth plan for the future? In what areas will you focus?

We are working currently to expand our corporate market approach. Being a completely turn key operation, we are able to support clients with all dialects of production, start to finish, with one point of contact for production needs. This simplifies the communication process and improves the odds of complete success!


Learn more about Elite Multimedia Productions:
Website - Elitemultimedia.com 
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