ADIMSA Energizes Mexican Nightlife with Elation Lighting Rigs


ADIMSA also supplied an Elation LED lighting package for Press Club in Monterrey, also with space design by Architect Filipao Nunes and lighting design by ADIMSA’s Edson Rivera. The new, 1500-capacity club opened in fall 2014 with an inspiring atmosphere that lay somewhere between New York’s meat packing district and Soho. The style is industrial chic - a mixture of velvet, leather and concrete with ceiling rafters, wooden floor and central social area. Working from an overhead rig is Elation Rayzor Q7 LED moving heads, Protron LED Strobes and E Spot LED II color and gobo-changing moving heads. Fog effects are from Antari Z-1500 II foggers and Antari W-715X Fog Jets.
 According to Edson Rivera of ADIMSA, fixture quality was a key factor in the decision to go with the Elation lights for both club installations, as was the availability of a complete range of innovative products. “Elation has a great variety of unique products to choose from and we can always find a fixture that will meet the demands of the show or installation we are working on,” Edson commented. “Optical quality of the lighting fixtures is excellent as is the top level of service we get from Elation.” Edson thanks club owners Javier Díaz and Juan Cueto for entrusting ADIMSA with such exclusive projects.
 Press Club
 18 x Rayzor Q7
 2 x Protron LED Strobe
 10 x E Spot LED II
 2 x Compu Cue
 2 x Antari Z-1500 II
 4 x Antari W-715X Fog Jet

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