Accent Strip CW


 The Accent Strip CW is a very thin, LED-circuit-strip-tape with nine bright Cool White LEDs. It can be mounted to almost any surface using it’s built-in adhesive tape. The Accent Strip CW can be used in various indoor applications; at home, in the office, a retail environment or any various compact space. Great for nightclubs, bars and DJs too!

Included in each kit:
• 4x 9.75-inch (250mm) self-adhesive strips with Cool White LEDs (6000K)
• 3x 44-inch (1100mm) extension cables
• 1x AC Adapter (12V, 1000mA)


User Manual


• LED Advantages: Long life (50,000 hrs.), low power consumption, low heat
• Power Consumption (4 strips): 3W max
• Up to 4 LED strips can be linked to one power supply
• Multi-voltage: 90-240V, 50/60Hz
• Dimensions (LxWxH – each strip): 9.75” x .4” x .07” / 250x10x2mm
• Weight (entire kit): .5 lbs. / .26 kg.

Available models:
• Accent Strip CW: self-adhesive white strips with Cool White LEDs (6000K)
• Accent Strip Black CW: self-adhesive black strips with Cool White LEDs (6000K)