About Elation


Elation Lighting Inc. is privately held corporation established 1992. Today we offer Stage Lightings most Complete Toolbox with products specifically designed for the markets we serve - Theatrical and Concert Stage, Rental / Production, Studio/Broadcast, House of Worship, Corporate AV, Exhibitions, Night Club / Leisure, Theme Parks & Cruise Ships. All products today are designed and engineered in USA and sold through our own offices in US and Europe through a vast dealer and distribution partner network around the world.

Our Mission

Is simple, to provide best in class products and service while offering the best value:performance ratio in the industry, helping show designers and show producers achieve their vision.

Elation is honored to have award winning innovative products that stand amongst the top brands in the industry and we are very proud also to provide leading technology solutions that perform to the riggers of the professional lighting and video market.

Our Vision

Is to bring innovative, yet practical solutions for the entertainment market based on your needs and requirements. We work hard to not only listen, but act on and respond to market demands and on our customers needs.