Accu SSL Par 20 8 Watt LED Lamp


ACCU SSL™ PAR20 Dimmable is an integrated high eficient LED lamp with a built-in advanced driver that delivers high output, high power factor correction (> 0.95)with TRIAC dimming compatibility (20%~100%) at the same time.
 1. Compatible with most TRIAC dimmers
 2. Nichia LED technology.
 3. Low Lumen Depreciation, L70 > 25,000hrs.
 4. Low Power Consumption.
 5. 40,000hrs Rated Lifetime.
 6. High Color Rendering Index.
 7. 3 Years Warranty.
 8. CE, UL, and FCC listed.
 9. RoHS Compliant.
  Recommed Dimmer: Lutron,Leviton, and Panasonic.
  Please consult your retailer for the recommendation of compatible dimmers.


User Manual

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