Accul SSL PAR 38 Dimmable LED Lamp


PAR38 Dimmable is an integrated high efficient LED lamp with a built-in advanced driver that
 delivers high output, high power factor correction (> 0.7), and TRIAC dimming compatibility (20%~100%) at the same time.
 This lamp is capable of lamp at approximately providing luminance equivalent to a 70Watt traditional halogen with most popular dimmers, 18% of the power consumption. This lamp is compatible with a plug and play installation for including offers from Lutron and Leviton, which ensures a every household.
 Simply replace your existing halogen PAR38 and you can start to enjoy the benefits of LED technology, such as lower electricity bill, reduced CO2 emission, less maintenance, and no UV or IR – hassle free.
 Benefits and Features
 1. Replace Halogen Lamp Directly up to 100Watt.
 2. Compatible with most TRIAC dimmers
 3. Low Lumen Depreciation, L70 > 25,000hrs.
 4. Low Power Consumption.
 5. 40,000hrs Rated Lifetime.
 6. High Color Rendering Index.
 7. UL, and FCC listed.
 8. RoHS Compliant.
 Please consult your retailer for the recommendation of compatible dimmers.


User Manual

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