• Bubble fluid gallon
• For use with: B-100, B-100XT and B-100WR
 Premium Liquids are optimized for best performance
 Antari premium Liquid Features:
 Manufactured with DE-IONIZED - Pure Water containing absolutely no impurities prolonging the life of your machine. Simple filtration processes or claims of "triple filtered water" does not remove the impurities and metal content of water, reverse osmosis and deionization is the only true water purification
 Manufactured with pure - Virgin - Polyfunctional alcohols used by the food and cosmetics industries. Absolutely no recycled raw materials are used in manufacturing process.
 Manufactured in the USA - Many overseas fluids are manufactured with TOXIC - off spec glycols. 
• All fluids have been certified as NON-TOXIC when utilized for intended use.
• All bottles are foil - heat sealed preventing any possible fluid leakage.
• All cartons are heavy duty - double wall construction approved by UPS, FEDEX & AIRBORNE.


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