Compu 02


PC Based DMX-512 Controler
 For questions related to Compu Pro or Compu Club, free CD-rom 
 or Tech support call 323-213-4590 or toll free 866-245-6726 ext. 548.
 Two versions available:
• Compu Club (EC)
• Compu Pro (FC)
 CLUB & PRO versions include:
• 512 DMX channels per USB Interface
• Intelligent USB to DMX Interface
• Touch Screen Ready!
• Large Library of Fixtures!
• Easy View (3D Offline Visualizer)
• Shape Library!
• Easy to create new fixtures!
• Multi Media Triggering!
• Unlimited number of Scenes!
• Unlimited number of Cycles!
• Live control (Now Available)
• DMX in (Optional)(Now Available)
• Audio Input (Now Available)
• Easy to use Electronic Racks (Now Available)
 * to run more than 512 channels you must purchase extra USB interfaces.
 PRO Version includes:
• Triggering by Timer/Date
• Triggering by Midi in (Midi Notes)
• Triggering Midi Time Code (In & Out)
• Triggering by Easy Show!
 Easy Stand Alone Software Included!:
• Simple to use
• Import Scenes from Compu ware
• Store up to 255 scenes into USB Box!
• Can be run without Computer!
• Ideal back up solution! 


User Manual

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 System Requirements:
• Windows XP or VISTA 32-BIT ONLY (not 64-bit compatible)
• Laptop or desktop computer with USB port
• 1280 x 800 screen resolution
• 512MB RAM processing memory
• 1GB Storage memory
• 256Mb RAM video card to use the “3D software”
• Touch screen ready
 To Download software first install the DAS-OCX. If using windows 98 you must also install Direct X.
 Package Includes:
• 1 x USB/DMX Module (EC or FC)
• 1 x CD-Rom
• 1 x Reference Manual