Compu Club 04


Compu Club 04 was developed to be the simplest solution to operating your lighting effects. With other lighting consoles you have an array of faders, buttons and knobs to work with– remembering what they all do can get tricky. The advantage with a PC based system is the ability to see everything right in front of you.
 Compu Club 04 features include: a vivid display of scenes and shows; the ability to name and rename all of your cues; plus have direct access to your colors and gobos. 
 Compu Club 04 has all the features for the professional lighting programmer but developed with the novice in mind, taking away fears and doubts about programming lighting.
 Complete Package includes:
 CD-Rom Bundle Software
 USB to DMX Interface (dongle)
 2.0 USB cable
 User Manual
 Compu Club 04 Main features:
• 512 DMX channels per interface
• Maximum 512 channels*
• Unlimited number of Scenes!
• Unlimited number of Cycles! (shows)
• Fixtures only limited to channels used.
• Pre generated movements and shapes
• Live control button
• Easy View (3D Offline visualizer)
• Large Library of Fixture profiles
• Easy Library Creator
 * to run more than 512 channels you must purchase the Compu Pro version.
 Control features:
• Hot key triggering (using keyboard)
• Touch Screen Ready!
• Multi media triggering! Plays MP3’s
• DMX triggering (Using Compu DMX-In Interface)
• DMX-IN (Using Compu DMX-In Interface)
• Audio Input 
• Easy to use Electronic Racks:
 - easy step - to program chases
 - chaser - built in chases
 - sequencer - built in sequencer
 - x-fader - built in cross-fades
 - follow spot - XY following
 USB interface Technical Specs & Data:
• 3 Pin XLR out only
• Polarity (2-,3+)
• I/O ports
• Power by USB
• Optional external power: 9-12v DC
• Dimensions: 3.5” x 3” x 1.5”
• Weight: .2 lbs
• Can be used as stand alone device
• 64kb recording memory
 CD-Rom bundle includes:
 Compu 04 software
 Compu 02 software
 Easy Stand alone software
 Magic 3D easy view software
 DMX to USB interface drivers
 Minimum System Requirements:
• Laptop or desktop computer with USB port
• Windows ME, XP or any up-to-date version
• 800x600 screen resolution
• 256Mb Memory
• Clock frequency: 800Mhz
• a 32Mb RAM video card to use the "3D software" supporting Microsoft DirectX 9.0
 Best Performance System Requirements:
• Windows XP or VISTA 32-BIT ONLY (not 64-bit compatible)
• Laptop or desktop computer with USB port
• 1280 x 800 screen resolution
• 512MB RAM processing memory
• 1GB Storage memory
• 256Mb RAM video card to use the “3D software”
• Touch screen ready
 For questions related to Compu Club 04, free CD-Rom or Tech support call 323-213-4590 or toll free 866-245-6726 ext. 548. For use with windows XP or ME only. For Windows 98 or 2000 you must use Compu 02 edition.


User Manual

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