A New Revolution in Recordable/Re-recordable DMX Controllers! 
 The DMX-Solo is a Recordable/ Re-recordable Mini DMX controller that can receive DMX Data to run different combinations of DMX fixtures. Using a DMX operator or Show designer controller you can download your favorite scenes into these easy to use controller directly via XLR cable. Combine these scenes to create your favorite programs, or buy them with programs already preset from the factory for the X-Caliber™, Pocket Scan™, Spiral Scan™, Might Scan™ and the Rainbow-250™ 

• 96 DMX channels 
• Blank Mini DMX Recorder, Store up to 8 pre-programs & 8 Strobe programs 
• 9 chase programs & a AP program 
• 9 strobe programs & a AS program 
• Each chase/strobe program can record a maximum of 48 scenes 
• Either AS or AP program can record a maximum of 60 scenes 
• Each AS or AP scene enables to has its individual speed or fade time 
• Auto/Audio/Manual chase of programs 
• A continuous cycle of Manual or Auto programs 
• Access the scenes from any DMX controller 
• All data can be swapped between two or more units 
• Built-in microphone for Music triggering 
• DMX polarity select 
• Power failure memory 
• New programs can be created using the Show Designer for other DMX Products 

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