EPV Image VSC 2.0


The EPV IMAGE VSC 2.0 is a multiple input /output video processor that includes the latest high performance image processing technology. It accepts a wide variety of video signals, including RGB computer DVI, VGA video, HDTV HDMI video, S-composite video and composite video. It combines truly seamless, fade in / fade out, glitch-free switching with advanced scaling technologies to meet the requirement of high quality, high resolution video presentations. This unit also includes an auxilary card slot that accepts an optional Novastar, Zdec or Linsn sending card or (1) 3G SDI output module. It supports user defined image size and coordinates, dual image processing, multiple splicing modes and several user configurations. 

 Multiple Inputs
• EPV IMAGE VSC 2.0 provides 3 x composite (CVBS), 1 x S-video input, 1 x DVI (compatible with HDMI 1.3) and 1 x VGA
 Multiple Outputs:
• 1 x Preview VGA output
• 2 x DVI outputs are provided for splitting into two different pictures or distributing the same two pictures
• 1 x CVBS module output
• Optional: 3G SDI output module
 Loop-out Interface
• Designed to boost signal strength
• The same video can be connected to a local monitor
• The same video can be sent to other video equipment
 Multiple Control Methods
• Front Panel, RS232, USB, Ethernet.
• Supports output resolution of maximum 1920x1080p
• Power supply 100- 240V AC, 50/60Hz (Auto-switching) 


User Manual

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