The EPV375 HO is a PRO Series HIGH BRIGHTNESS LED display that is ideal for achieving see through effects in stage and event application. In designing the EPV375 HO we focused on having the best mechanical design in the market for fast rigging and outdoor rating. Stunning visuals are ensured by 8000 nits, 16-bit processing and a 135° horizontal viewing angle. Our PRO Series LED display is made of aluminum structure making it lightweight, rugged and strong. Rigging hardware, power, data distribution and signal processing are built into each panel for fast installation. Each panel is 47” x 47” / 1200mm x 1200mm and weighs less than 26kg /55 lbs. The EPV375 HO is constructed with one top, one bottom and a main center structure holding the LED strips together. This design allows for fast and easy installation and maintenance from the front and back. At Elation Professional we believe in using only qualified ROHS approved raw materials. Our Pro Series LED Displays are manufactured with CE, ETL and TUV safety standard including front standing IP65 rating.

 . IP65 outdoor rated
 . 37.5mm pixel pitch
 . RRGGB DIP LED system
 . Full viewing angle color stability
 . Seamless assembling
 . Slim cabinet design, easy to hang/rig
 . Lightweight, super-thin, semi-transparent


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 . IP65 Outdoor rated
 . Single Color RRGGB DIP LED´s
 . Red Wave Length=622nm-626nm+Epistar
 . Green Wave Length=526nm-530nm+Epistar
 . Blue Wave Length=467nm--470nm+Epistar
 . Long Life LED (rated at 100,000 Hours)
 . 37.5mm Pixel Pitch
 . 8000 Nits Brightness
 . Frame Size 47” x 47” x 4” / 1200mm x 1200mm x 105mm
 . Refresh Rate =2000Hz
 . Contrast ratio =8192:1
 . 16bit Processing Depth
 . 1024 pixels (32 x 32) Pixels per Panel
 . 720 pixel per square meter
 . Scanning Rate 300Hz
 . Viewing angle: H110°/V50°
 . Minimum Viewing distance 20m
 . Weipu outdoor data connectors
 . Weipu outdoor power link
 . Operating temperature: -20 C to +50 C
 . Operating humidity: 5%-95%
 . 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz (Multi-voltage)
 . Power consumption per panel max.: 520W
 . Weight: 25 kg / 55 lbs
 Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice.