Impression 120RZ "Zoom"


120 Luxeon Rebel High Power LEDs
 RGB Additive Color mixing lighting system
 Linear Zoom 10° to 26°
 Same baseless Design / Size as Standard Impression
 Power consumption 350 VA (Watt)
 50.000h life

 The new impression Zoom fixture has been born from the pedigree of the award winning impression series of LED based moving head fixtures designed and engineered in Germany.
 Building on the proven performance reputation that the Impression brand has attained around the world, the Impression Zoom brings an automated zoom
 function to designers fingertips, combined with a new LED source.
 The key, lighting designers told us, was not to lose any of the cool features from the original, including the design with no base unit, the smooth dimming, the even color mixing, and the speed of operation. We’ve worked hard to achieve this goal and we think that you will like the results too.
 LED fixtures as a true professional light source have now been well and truly proved and the Impression Zoom takes the use and application of LED to a new level.
 RGB Model
 42 green LEDs, 36 blue LEDs, 42 red LEDs, wavelength
 optimized for a maximum presentable color space.
 Optical System
 Zoomable optical system with 10° to 26° light distribution ang le
 Shutter / Dimmer
 Strobe – Effect with variable speed between 1 – 15 flashes per
 second, Random – Strobe, Pulse Effects
 Continuous Dimmer 0 – 100%
 Operational Parameters
 Max. Ambient temperature: 45°C (integrated overheating switch)
 Mounting Position:
 Upright - Tripods with brackets for lashing strap
 Hanging (vertical) - M10 nut with lockable installation position for
 a halfcoupler
 Hanging (horizontal) - Adjustable bar for sideward truss installation (optional)
 Two attachment points for safety wires
 DMX Control
 Standard USITT DMX-512,
 3 pole XLR; [+] = Pin 3 [-] = Pin 2 [Ground] = Pin 1.
 Weights and Measures
 Dimensions (LxWxH) : 13.4 x 5.7 x 14.5 / 340 x 145 x 370mm
 Power Input ~100 – 240V AC, 50-60 Hz
 Fuse protection Micro fuse 5x20mm, T 4A
 Weight: 8 kg


User Manual

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