IP-1000 IP63 Rated Fogger



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 - IP Rating: IP63**
 - Power: 120V / 60 Hz 
 - Max Power Consumption: 1000W 
 - Fog Output Volume: 10,000 cu.ft / Min 
 - Fluid Consumption Rate: 24 Minutes / Per Liter 
 - Weight: 19.4 lbs (8.8 kg)
 - Dimensions(mm) : L 14" (355mm) W 9.8" (249mm) H 5.8" (147mm)
 - Wired Remote Included (only on-off control): IP-10 
 - Accessories: NO Other Optional Remotes 
 - DMX Function: N/A 
 - First Warm-Up Time: 12 Minutes 
 An IP rated device is one, which is commonly installed in outdoor environments and has been designed with an enclosure that effectively protects the ingress (entry) of external foreign objects such as dust and spraying water. The International Protection (IP) rating system is commonly expressed as "IP"(Ingress Protection) followed by two numbers (i.e. IP63) where the numbers define the degree of protection.
 The first digit (Foreign Bodies Protection) indicates the extent of protection against particles entering the fixture and the second digit (Water Protection) indicates the extent of protection against water entering the fixture. An IP63 rated device such as the Antari IP-1000™ Fog Machine is one which has been designed and tested to protect against the ingress of dust (6) and water falling as a spray less than 60° from the vertical (3).
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