The Krypton-81 is a high output LED color mixing system. This unit provides an excellent color wash effect.
 Its RGB additive color mixing technology can be used to create multiple hughes of colors to set moods and scenes It can be mounted from a ceiling, installed around a stage and suitable for most stage applications.
 The Krypton-81 is composed of 8 LED boards that contain 81 LEDs per board. You have the option to control one board individually or all boards at once.
 Giving the user multiple options of creating many color combinations.
 With its multiple channel options, you can take full control from Color mixing, Dimming, Strobing in every color and calling its built in programs.

 Krypton-81 Features
• 6 DMX channels
• R,G,B Color Mixing
• Electronic Strobe
• 648 LEDs


User Manual

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Krypton-81 System Specifications
• Power Supply:120V AC / 60 hz
• Power Consumption: 115W
• Controls: DMX controller, built in controller
• Dimension: (478 x 327 x 90 mm) (18 x 12 x 3 in)
• Weight: (6.7Kg) (14lb)
• Fuse: 120 VAC 250V / T2.0A
• 3000 Lux @ 1M
• 15° beam angle
 System Includes
 1 x Krypton-81 unit
 1 x mounting bracket
 Installation guide