Light Copilot II


This product is distributed by authorized American DJ Dealers only – Click here for details System Includes 
• 1 x Light Copilot II, controller 
• 1 x LC-8SP, switch pack 
• 1 x 25ft connector cable Main Features 
• 16 channel analog chase controller 
• Control panel has two 8-channel zones 
• Fog Machine trigger button with LED function indicators (compatible with specific American DJ fog machines)


User Manual


• USB gooseneck light input 
• 16 built-in programs 
• Each zone is switchable from audio (sound activated) to standard to timed chase (Fast Chase to 10 minute intervals) 
• Internal Microphone or line input for music control 
• Audio sensitivity control knob 
• Offers option to turn desired light ON with the rest of lights maintaining chase sequence 
• Daisy chain up to 3 switch packs for easy installation and enhanced expendability 
• Flash button override 
• Black out (Stand by) 
• Switch packs use triacs rather than mechanical relays for faster, more reliable chase functions and longer life 
• Maximum Load: 15A per channel