M-1 Mobile Fogger


Compact and Lightweight
DC Battery or Optional AC Powered Option
Instant Operation - NO Warm Up Time
Hand Held Operation
Durable Flight Case Included
Wired and Wireless Remote Options Available


Specifications Sheet

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Fog Output: 300 cubic feet / per min
Continuous Fog Output: 10~12 minutes (Using battery)
Power Consumption: 65W
Fluid Tank Capacity: 110 c.c.
Battery: DC12V / 2.3Ah
Fluid Consumption: 2 c.c. / per minute
Fog Liquid Used: Antari FLM-05 Fog Liquid
Optional Remote: MCT-1 (Timer Remote), MCR-1 (Wireless Remote)

1.8kg (M-1 and battery) 5.5kg
(M-1 with battery, charger, flight case, and 500c.c. liquid)
Dimensions (mm): L 227 W 66 H 81 

Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice.

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