LDI 2009

Elation earned the honor for its innovative use of video and lighting in its massive display, which featured some of its advanced EVLED Series LED video panels. Designed for creating vibrant video screens, curtains and backdrops, the panels put on an awesome visual display at the main entrance to the LDI show and thanks to their modular design Elation was able to easily integrate them with their lighting technology to create a cohesive visual display combination of lighting and video.

“As a company, we’ve committed ourselves to staying in the forefront of LED lighting & video technology,” said Eric Loader, National Sales Director of Elation Professional and Acclaim Lighting. “Winning the LDI Award, which is based on voting by a panel of lighting designers, is a real honor for us. It’s always nice to have your efforts recognized, but it’s especially gratifying when this recognition comes from leading professionals in your field. The design of the booth was a collaboration of our Elation team and the AG Light & Sound production team who built the booth for us and supplied us with all the essentials to pull it off.

Aside from the excitement of winning this prestigious award at LDI, Elation was very pleased by the extraordinarily enthusiastic reception that lighting professionals like you gave our groundbreaking new Platinum Spot 5R fixture at the show.

“The response to our Platinum Spot 5R was overwhelming,” said Loader. “Utilizing a revolutionary new light source, the Philips MSD Platinum 5R lamp, our Platinum Spot 5R represents a giant step forward in the quest to provide lighting professionals with brighter, faster, lighter and more earth-friendly fixtures. Although it weighs only about half as much as a 250W fixture, and uses 25% less energy, it blasts out over twice the output – being equivalent to a 575W fixture.”

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