Platinum Spot 5R PRO


CMY Color Mixing System 16bit
Variable Zoom ( 4 to 1)
Comparable To 575 Fixture And More Than The Lamp Life 
EWDMX Wireless DMX Receiver Built In
Double the Output of 250 Fixture
Increased Speed On All Motors
Compact… 1/2 The Size Of 575 Fixture - 1/3rd Smaller Than A 250
Less Weight… 1/2 The Weight Of 575 Fixture
Energy Efficient… Less Than 1/2 The Power Consumption Of A 575
Superior Optics Flat / Even Light Field And Improved Output
Hybrid Technology - Spot / Wash
Featuring New Philips MSD Platinum 5R Lamp


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CMY 16bit Color system
8 Dichroic Colors
22 Gobos
8 Rotating Replaceable Rotating / Indexing Gobos
14 Static Gobos
Gobo Size 14mm OD / 8mm ID
3 Facet Rotating Prism
Motorized Iris
11° to 42° Variable Zoom Beam Angle
Variable Frost Filter (Hybrid Effect for Wash)
Motorized Focus
Variable speed Shutter / Strobe
Mechanical Dimmer 0-100%
EWDMX Wireless DMX receiver built in (Not Compatible with E-FLY)
Pan/Tilt: 540/630 x 265
23/21/34 3 x DMX Channel Modes
3-pin & 5-pin DMX 
Power: 350W MAX / 120v-240V 50/60hz 
6,350 LUX / 590 FC @ 16’
Weight: 42 lbs
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 14.6” x 14.5” x 18.4” 
Lamp: Philips MSD Platinum 5R
3,000 Hour Average Life*
*Applies to Philips™ 5R lamps with a production date of February 25, 2015, or later. Actual lamp life may vary depending on several factors including but not limited to: environmental conditions, power/voltage, usage patterns (on-off cycling), control, and dimming.
Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice.