Pro Haze DMX


Pro Haze DMX Overview
 The Pro Haze DMX, a high-output
 DMX-compatible haze generator 
 targeted to the professional 
 market. Great for theaters, stage 
 shows, concerts and nightclubs, 
 the Pro Haze DMX produces a thin, 
 even layer of haze, as opposed to 
 bursts of thick fog.
 Control Features
• Timer Remote (3 pin XLR)
 - functions on timer (Manual, timer, volume & Interval)
• Linkable with other ProHazeDMX
• 1 DMX Channel
• Binary Dip switches
• 3 pin XLR serial input/output


User Manual

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Features & Specs
• Single Compressor Hazer
• No warm up time
• Output: 2,500 cubic feet per minute
• Rear on/off switch
• Tank capacity: 2.5 liters
 Technical Specifications
• Dimensions: 570 x 274 x 323mm
• Weight: 35lbs (16kgs)
• Power: 120v/60hz