PUZ 144


The PUZ panel LED system is design for multi-purpose interior decoration. It can be installed on the floor to give a color changing dance floor effect, or it can be mounted on walls and ceilings.

The panels have been designed for easy installation and safe energy efficient, long life operation. The combination of Red, Green and Blue LEDs offers a tremendous range of colors with smooth transitions from one color to the next, offering endles color possibilities to modify your surroundings.

System Includes:
• Four PZ-144 fixtures panels 
• Sixteen installation pads 
• Four DC/Signal cables 
• One Pixel Drive 144 controller/DMX interface 

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Fixture Specification:
• Power supply: 24V 
• Power consumption: 15W 
• Dimensions: 12” x 12” x 3.25” / 310 x 310 x 80 mm 
• Weight: 7.5 lbs. / 3.3 Kg 
• Beam angle: 180 degrees. 
• Photometrics: 40 LUX @ 1M/1500 mlm
• Weight capacity: 200 lbs. / 90 kgs. per square inch