• 12 channel modular digital dimmer pack 
• USITT DMX-512 (3-pin) input 
• 3U 19” rack mount 
• High speed micro processor 
• Real time zero crossing detection 
• Back lit digital display 
• Dimming response time down to 24mS 
• Individual or block channel patching 
• Minimum channel output setting from 0-30% 
• Maximum channel output setting from 70-100% 
• Individual channel curve option setting 
• Channel curve settings include Linear, Square, Non 
  Dim and S-Curve. 
• DMX fail backup feature- includes 12 internal chase
  programs, last scene hold and analog options 
• Power failure memory 
• Standard terminal type output panel- optional panels 
  include: Edison, Socapex, Stage Pin- and Power Con 
• DMX Output 
• Analog Input 
• Fan cooled 
• 12 x 10A UL approved MCB breakers. 
• 10A/CH. Total 120A single phase connection
• 10A/CH. Total 40A per phase-three phase connection
• Power requirement: AC 120V-60Hz
• Dimensions- 18” x 19” x 7” 
• Weight- 60lbs. 


User Manual

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