Stage Color


The Stage Color is an all-new, high-tech multi-color DMX
 par can that takes stage lighting to the next generation.
 "The Stage Color takes par can lighting to the next level
 with its ability to create virtually any color combination that
 is needed for mood-enhancing, background lighting." By
 using a controller or the pre-set options, the user can
 instantly change a deep forest green setting into a spectacular
 ocean blue backdrop at the flick of a switch. This
 option is not only helpful, it also saves time when changing
 from one scene to the next.

• DMX-512 (3-pin)
• R,G,B, Color Mixing Par Can
• Built in 3 Ch Dimmer
• Additive Color Mixing
• 0-100% Dimming


User Manual

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Control Setting Options
• Digital LED Display
• Set DMX Channel
• 3, 2, 1 DMX Channels modes
• 50-100% Output Limiter
 NEW FEATURE - Stand Alone Mode
• Built in Chase programs
• Adjustable Speed times
• Adjustable Fade times
• Master/Slave Linkable 
• Fan Cooled
 Technical Specifications
• 3-Pin XLR in/output
• Metal Yoke
• Fuse: 3 x 8A/GMA
• 120V AC
• Dimensions: Ø9" x 16" (241 x 413 mm)
• Weight: 10 lbs (4.54 kgs)
 Lamp Source Options:
• 3 x ZB-HX600-120v-575w-3200k-300hrs
• 3 x ZB-HX601-120v-575w-3050k-1500hrs
• 3 x ZB-HX400-120v-400w-3200k-300hrs
• 3 x ZB-HX401-120v-400w-3050k-1500hrs