The Trackpod-81 (TP-81) is a high output LED color mixing system. This unit provides an excellent saturated color wash effect.
 The Trackpod-81 uses RGB additive color mixing technology to create a vast array of colors to set moods and scenes, giving the user multiple options of creating many color combinations.
 Suitable for most stage applications, the TP-81 can be mounted on a ceiling or installed around a stage. 
 The Trackpod-81 is composed of 8 LED boards that contain 81 LEDs per board. Users have the option to control one board individually or all eight boards at once.
 With multiple channel options, the Trackpod-81 is the perfect tool for lighting designers to take full control of color mixing, dimming, strobing (in every color) and its built-in programs.

 Trackpod-81 Features
• 6 DMX channels
• R,G,B Color Mixing
• Electronic Strobe
• 648 LEDs 


User Manual

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 Trackpod-81 System Specifications
• Power Supply: AC100V / AV120V / AC230V / AV240V, 50-60Hz
• Power Consumption: 115W
• Controls: DMX controller, built-in controller
• Dimensions: (811 x 176 x 160 mm) (31 x 7 x 6 in)
• Weight: 8.2Kg. / 18lbs.
• Fuse: 120VAC 250V / T2.0A; 230VAC 250V / T1.5A
• Fixture contains 648 LEDs
• 2400 Lux @ 1M
• 15° beam angle
 System Includes
 1 x Trackpod 81
 2 x mounting brackets
 Installation guide