Platinum Quad Road Case


The Platinum Quad Road Case is custom made to hold any (4) combinations of the following ELATION PLATINUM™model fixtures:
 Platinum Beam 5R™
 Platinum Beam 5R EXTREME™
 Platinum Beam 15R™
 Platinum Spot 5R™
 Platinum Spot 5R Pro™
 Platinum Spot LED II™
 Top Load Design
 Hinged/Foamed Removable Lid with 9.5" Clearance for Trigger Clamps
 Truck Pack: 1/3 Pack for 90" Box Truck | 1/3 Pack for 180" Truck
 Holds any (2) combinations of the following Elation models:

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 (1) Piano hinge
 Length: 30” (762mm)
 Width: 35.25” (895.4mm)
 Vertical Height: 37” (939.8mm)
 Weight: 134 lbs. (60.8 kg) EMPTY
 Manufactured in the U.S.A.
 Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice.