Capture Argo - Solo


• Supports 1 DMX Universe
• Connect to any DMX Source
• Real-Time Lighting Design & Visualization
• Work with Layers & Scenes
• Create Custom Gobos
• Customize Wheels and Strings
• Import and Export CSV Files
• 3D Mouse Support (3D Connexion)
• Free e-Mail Support
• Free Software Updates
• Full 5.700+ Fixture Library (AtlaBase)
• LED Panel Visualization 


User Manual

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 Apart from our current minimum operating system requirements, Capture ARGO™ should run fine on any standard desktop or laptop computer currently available for purchase. However, bear in mind that visualization software is very demanding on the graphics card. As a good reference point for the capabilities of your hardware you may find PassMark Software's video card benchmark pages for high end GPU's.
 Download Demo Version of Capture ARGO™ Software Here:
 CAP111 - Capture ARGO Solo Upgrade to Capture ARGO Basic
 CAP222 - Capture ARGO Solo Upgrade to Capture ARGO Extended
 CAP425 - Capture POLAR Upgrade to Capture ARGO Solo
 Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice.