W-530 Wireless Fog Machine


The W-530™, is a 3000W powerful fogger that is perfect for very large venues, outdoor events, movie production and many other applications. The precision lies with optoelectronic liquid sensor (OPTO). When sensing there’s insufficient liquid, the pump will stop working, and then the production of fog will be ceased until it senses the re-filling of the liquid again. The LCD digital control on the W-530™ allows the users to set the volume control, timer control, and DMX functions to precision. 
 The innovative smart-intelligence lies with the learning-mode of the wireless function. Where each receiver can memorize up to 5 sets of frequencies and all receivers can receive signals from any registered transmitter. 


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 W-1 Wireless** Remote included.
 - Power : AC120V / 60Hz 
 - Heater: 3,000W 
 - Output : 40,000 cu.ft (1132m3) / min 
 - Tank Capacity : 6 liter 
 - Fluid Consumption Rate : 5.3 min / 1 liter 
 - Weight : 19 kg 
 - Dimensions : L 581 x W 278 x H 186 
 - Remote Included: W-1 Wireless** Remote 
 - LCD Screen Functions: Timer with interval, duration, and volume;
   Set DMX; Continuous Fog (not 100%), Manual ON/OFF
 - Warm-Up Time : 12 minutes 
 *Wireless range is up to 50M (meters) 
 **Wireless distance may vary depending on the interference
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