Xcelon 575


 RDMX Remote DMX Address
 10 DMX Channels
 4 Digit L.E.D. Display
 3 pin XLR serial input/output
 Sound active mode
 High output luminous-parabolic dichroic reflector
 19-degree Beam Angle
 Optional Beam Angles
 All lenses are anti-reflection coated
 4 dichroic filters plus open
 Split and shared color combinations
 Continuous, variable speed, color scrolling in both directions (rainbow effect)
 More color combinations possible by overlaying the multi-color dichroic gobo and the colors on the color wheel
 Variable speed strobe effect (1-10) Flashes per second
 Pre-set variable/random strobe and dimming pulse effect
 Dual Flag mechanical dimming system
 3, 5, and 9 facet prisms rotating in both directions at variable speeds
 Macro-function for rotating gobos/rotating prisim combinations
 Motor driven remote focus from near to far
 Phillips MSR 575/2 (575W, 7200°K, 1000 Hrs.)
 2 gobo wheels, 13 total gobos, 10 metal, 3 glass
 6 interchangeable, indexable, rotating gobos plus open
 7 interchangeable, indexable, static gobos plus open
 26.9 mm outside diameter, 23mm image diameter
 Gobo overlay
 1 x Heavy duty yoke
 1 x Safety cable hole
 8A or 4A Fuse
 Magnetic Ballast
 Voltage: AC 98, 120, 208, 220, 230, 240V 50/60zh 
 Power Consumption: 800W
 15”L x 11”W x 18”H
 61.5 lbs.