Unified platform for embedded consoles and PC systems
Multi-Touch optimized user interface
Full screen app experience on PC systems
Graphical fixture parameter visualization for instant access
Comprehensive fixture library with over 12.000 items
Integrated fixture library editor
Up to 128 Universes (65536 parameters) of internal DMX processing
Flexible DMX output via USB, Artnet, sACN and integrated DMX ports
Real time parallel execution of cues and FX
Integrated 2D Visualizer and Plot View with live fixture feedback
Adjustable live timings and instant Cuelist / FX rate adjustments
Multiple Cuelist modes optimized for efficient show operation
Powerful workspace window and function key management
Unlimited screen views
Support for up to 8 Displays
Onyx Manager plugin for calendar events, automation, customizable remote access
iOS remote application, Touch OSC support

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